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Tour Especial por el Día Internacional del Café

Visitors will be able to learn more about the history of coffee, its growing and production cycles, and innovative methods for preparing our all-time favorite brew.

Quick Facts

Coffee plant

Mercedes Norte de Heredia,

Costa Rica.

    20 minutes from San José Airport

    25 minutes from San José

    1 hour from Poás Volcano

    3 hours from Liberia Airport

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    Coffee plant

    Visit a coffee nursery and tour our sustainable coffee farm.

    Follow your nose to our coffee roastery.

    Experience a professional coffee-tasting session, known as “cupping.”

    Learn about coffee’s important role in Costa Rica’s history and culture.

    Discover with our experts how to prepare a perfect gourmet coffee, using innovative filtering methods.

    Coffee plant

    2 hours (approximate).


    Rates (Year-round, per person)

    Coffee Tour Rates per person
    Tour Type Adults -Non Residents- Children-Students-Costa Ricans-Residents
    Tour Especial por el Día Internacional del Café
      $31 $31

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    Enjoy the first part of your day with our coffee experts at our sustainable coffee plantation. Trace the process of the coffee bean, from plantation to cup, and learn what makes coffee truly gourmet. Discover how Costa Rica’s unique microclimates and fertile soils combine to create conditions ideal for growing gourmet beans.

    You will experience a professional coffee-tasting session, known as “cupping.” Then, you will learn from our experts how to prepare gourmet coffee, using traditional methods such as the chorreador and other newer ones such as the Vandola and the V60.

    Conclude your tour with a visit to our factory store to sample exquisite chocolates, sweets, nuts, and our great variety of gourmet coffees. You’ll find the perfect Costa Rican souvenir or unique craft item.


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